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My dick had blood on it and some specs of brown at the tip. When he opened his mouth to scream i shoved my dick down his throat. I followed him in there and then picked him up and put him in the tub. I turned him on his stomach again and slid my dick into his ass.It wasn't as tight as the first time anymore, after what I had just done to it, but it was still pretty tight. He started screaming again as the piss squirted out of his ass around my dick.I had planned for him to go into the bathroom for a reason. I pulled out off his ass and went over to his mouth. As I fucked him, I grabbed his little 2-inch dick and began stroking it. I could feel my cock start to throb again, and as it did, so did his.

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I picked up Matt and made him sit on Vincent’s lap.

Vincent’s dick slid slowly into Matt’s little tiny ass.

Vincent pushed him down harder so that his dick went all the way in.

I always liked the risk of being caught jacking off, and then having someone join in, but I had never really gotten the courage to do it. He kept yelling "NO," but I just covered his mouth.

So one day, my little cousin Matt and I were the only people at home. I started jacking off in his brother's room with the door open. Then I slid my dick inside, which caused him to scream even more.

After about 2 minutes, he walked in and saw me there, naked on his brother's bed, stroking my 7-inch dick. I followed him to his room, still naked, and told him to take off his clothes too. It was so tight, and he started to bleed a little, but I just kept sliding my dick in and out, using only my spit and his blood as lube. I said, "scream all you want, no one will hear you." He just started crying quietly. I was going to cum soon, so I took it out of his ass and watched the spit and blood drip out of his now gaping hole. He ran straight to the bathroom, just as I had intended. I pulled down his pants and spit on his tiny tight hole.Unfortunately for Matt, Vincent was the wrong person to tell. When he felt the cold air hit his skin, he woke up. Vincent gagged him right before he could try to scream, and then tied his hands together.That night, Vincent and I planned to get him while he was sleeping. We carried him until he was out of earshot of the house, and then started to take off our clothes. Vincent put a blanket on the ground, and then lay down on it.I started to lick Matt’s little asshole to get it wet.Then I started sucking Vincent’s dick, which was huge, at least 10 inches long and very thick.