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The ODA Board consists of five individuals from the online dating industry along with the Chief Executive George Kidd.Duncan Cunningham – Chairman Duncan Cunningham was elected Chairman of the Online Dating Association in August 2013.Duncan has been a director of The Dating Lab since 2007, providing various media partners such as The Daily Telegraph, The Times and The Sunday Times with online dating sites.

He has been involved in the provision of dating services to the UK media for over 20 years.

Jackie Elton was appointed as a Director and Deputy Chairman of the Online Dating Association in August 2013.

Jackie Elton founded Widernet Communications Ltd in 1999 and launched its main brand Christian Connection in 2000.

It now operates in the UK and Australia and is the leading dating site for the Christian niche in those countries.

Prior to that, she had senior roles in major power and transport infrastructure development projects in the UK.

She has also developed other internet enterprises and is a director of an international health development charity.Karl Gregory – Director Karl Gregory was appointed Director of the Online Dating Association in August 2013.Karl is the Managing Director of the UK’s largest and most successful dating and relationship sites –, and Dating a position he has held since September 2009.Karl’s experience spans across blue chip companies, smaller start-ups and world-class Internet brands.He has also previously worked as head of marketing for Yahoo! Laurence Holloway – Director Laurence Holloway was co-opted as a Director of the Online Dating Association in March 2015.Laurence co-founded Lovestuck in 2006 and remains a board director working across all areas of the business, with an overall responsibility for product development and technical leadership.