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Enjoy: Best Could-Be-Corny Lines: In a town I lived in for a few years, on the main street, there was a flower shop/stand (it was like a greenhouse with the longest side open to the street).As I was walking by to get back to my apartment and the guy working inside the shop said, "wait, wait!

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In the words of one sage commenter, "The key to a good pick up line is delivery.

He has to come across as confident otherwise no matter how well crafted or corny it will crash and burn." (That goes for ladies, too.) As the thread made clear, we don't like canned lines - but who doesn't love great dialogue?

"You're beautiful" - with no creepy follow-up - was a recurring favorite.Some of the very best stories came from prior generations, and because a lot of the best were more stories than lines, I'm seriously considering both a "vintage edition" and a "how-we-met" thread!If only because this one left everyone (save that one angry dude) smiling." and he said, "I'm sorry, but until you'd walked by, I thought this was the most beauty I'd see today.My ex came up to me and said "I'm shipping out to the German front, this could be my last night in America, baby!" And when I gave him the WTF look he shrugged and said, "Worked for my grandparents." The day my parents met.