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Charlie and Frank argue at the Bar over Charlie unknowing signing a prenuptial agreement, until Dee enters the Bar bragging about the keys to her new car, courtesy of her affair with Bill Ponderosa.

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"Dennis Gets Divorced" is the second episode of the sixth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Marital bliss turns to marital business, as the gang experiences the emotional and economic tribulations of divorce.

AM on a Monday, Philadelphia, PA Dennis tries to sneak out of the bedroom only to have his new wife Maureen wake up and insist they snuggle together.

Eager to leave Dennis says that he has to go to work, learning in the process that Maureen doesn't have a job, and warns her not to look into his "sex tapes" drawers before exiting.

Dee arrives at her apartment to find Bill camped out on her doorstep, having recently come clean to his wife about the affair and been kicked out of the house by his wife while having all his assets frozen.

Dee does not want Bill to move in until he brings up the car that he gave her. Dennis and Mac barge into the apartment later that night, drunk, when Maureen wakes up angry that they have been out drinking. Dennis begins to drunkingly confess that he wants a divorce, and the fact that he doesn't love her for being annoying and strange. Maureen then tells Mac and Dennis to get out of the apartment; when they refuse she threats to call the cops and tell them that they beat her, immiating the movie Fear by beating her chest repeatedly. Dee gets fed up with Bill living in her apartment and tells him to get out, after making him promise not to take the car. However, she does promise to drive him back to his wife and kids. Dennis and Mac, now living in the Bar, try to figure out how to divorce Maureen.