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If strong Mangal is in Karakamsa, he will use the weapon spear, will live through fire and be an alchemist.Should strong Budh be Karakamsa, he will be skilful in arts and trading, be intelligent and educated.

“Place where Atmakaraka is placed in the shatyamsa chart becomes the Karakamsa lagan as per the Shashtyamsa chart" For example; "Effects of the 4th from Karakamsa, if the 4th from Karakamsa happens to be occupied by Shukra and Chandra, one will own large buildings, like palaces etc.

Similar is the effect of an exalted Grah in the said 4th.

A house, made of stones, is denoted by the occupation of the 4th from Karakamsa by Rahu and Shani.

Shani in Karakamsa will give such livelihood, as due to the native’s family.

Rahu in Karakamsa denotes a thief, a bowman, a machinery maker and a doctor, treating poisonous afflictions.

If Ketu be in Karakamsa, one will deal in elephants and be a thief." For full information refer. is, Importance of the Karakamsa chart as per the Shashtyamsa chart (d-60) is even more when compared to the Karakamsa chart as per the navamsa chart.(discussed in the texts) Karakamsa chart as per the Shashtyamsa chart means.Relevance of Karakamsa chart from D-60 Again a very interesting and extremely accurate concept.We all know that the Placement of Atmakaraka in the navamsa chart gives rise to the concept of Karakamsa chart.or Place where Atmakaraka sits in the navamsa chart become the Karakamsa lagan. O Brahmin, if Surya is in the Karakamsa, the native will be engaged in royal assignments.and this chart is as important as the navamsa chart. If the full Chandra is there, he will enjoy pleasures and be a scholar, more so, if Shukra gives a Drishti to the Karakamsa.