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Russian beauty is not only tall girls, high heels, long blond hair, slender legs in a short skirt, lush breasts.No less important factor is internal appeal of the Slavs , it is called the subtle beauty.Now it is rare quality that can be defined as elegance, tenderness, romance and naturalness. The main purpose in the lives of many girls is a successful marriage and a full family.

They are educated, intelligent and fully developed.

Many of them have higher education, and not even one.

Our girls are usually very interesting and erudite companions, ready to talk about any topic.

Such thing as loyalty is in their blood from their childhood and it does not matter when, in what atmosphere or in which family they were raised! Femininity is a soft and tender quality that is manifested in appearance, manners, and the nature of Russian women. In it you can feel the spirit of obedience and charming dependence on a man who takes care of his woman and protect her.

They are looking for a single man whom they will give their body and soul, and will spend with such a man all the life. Wikipedia says that femininity is an ethical category, means the combination of qualities expected from girls, such as emotional capability, tenderness, fragility and sincerity that arouse in a man a desire to protect a woman.

They are amazingly beautiful Beauty of Russian women is not only the visual appeal of the physical body, as many men think.Of course, they are endowed by the nature bright and memorable appearance, sensuality, sexuality, charm and magnetism; they fit a common concept of “hot women” or as people say "sexy".If you look at the statistics, in Russia, the average age of marriage for women - 24 years old.On the dating websites and in marriage agencies, 65 percent of brides are under 28 years old. On the website of our dating agency there are the brides of all ages, social groups and psychological types.And of course they have a completely different appearance: charming blondes, smart brunettes, passionate redheaded, leggy models and miniature beauties with lush breasts.With different color of eyes and hair, height and weight, they create the brightest palette, with a name - “Girls from Russia”.