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“In the course of that reading, those faculty began to have some questions and then they started to look and to find things,” Dean of the Faculty Gregory Call said.After finding some irregularities, the senior members then approached Dean Call and showed him and the rest of his office what they found.

17, former professor Carleen Basler resigned from the College after admitting that her written work contained unattributed verbatim quotations and improper references of other scholars’ work. In certain sections of my scholarly work, I unintentionally failed to cite and improperly cited previously published materials.

In the realm of academic scholarship, such mistakes are very serious in nature,” Basler said in a statement given to The Student.

Discovery and Acknowledgment The plagiarism in Basler’s work was discovered when she was being reviewed for tenure in the Anthropology and Sociology and the American Studies departments.

As is common with any tenure review, the senior members of the departments were reviewing all of her written work, closely reading it themselves, as well as sending it to outside scholars for review.

“I could have gone through the College’s adjudication process, but as the mistakes are mine, I believe resignation was the most honorable and ethical course of action.” The Nature of the Plagiarism The plagiarism was found in material dating back to her dissertation.

In an email to the faculty, Dean Call wrote that Basler admitted that her work contained “unattributed verbatim quotations and/or other unattributed or improperly referenced work of other scholars.” Although the plagiarism existed in much of her work, Chair of American Studies Karen Sánchez-Eppler explained that the unattributed quotes were only found in certain parts.“Fairly frequently in her written work, which is work that is characterized by original research and whose central core arguments are as far as we can see original and her own, she relied on pretty large sections of prose from other scholars to provide the context, to provide the literature review or the historical background,” Professor Karen Sánchez-Eppler said.During this verification process, Dean Call informed Basler about the proceedings and presented her with side-by-side evidence.“She readily acknowledged that there were unattributed quotations in her work,” Dean Call said.“She indicated her deep regret and then we worked through how we would handle the process.” There is a set of procedures in place in the faculty handbook for these situations.They followed those procedures, which included meetings between Basler and Dean Call. “Resigning from my position at Amherst College was a very difficult decision but one that I believe is in the best interest of my family, my students and the greater Amherst College community,” she wrote in her statement.