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And by scary, I really mean horrifying, uncertain, and painful.

Everyone knows how important your pictures are when building your online dating profile, but does anyone actually read those profiles or care how you describe yourself?

Photo credit: This past week Allie Reed a contributor decided to create the “worst online dating profile ever”.

Her goal was to create a horrible, vile, despicable woman that lacked ethics, integrity, morals or values and her experiment was to see how many men would respond.

Her profile describes her favorite pastimes and skills as: “lying, manipulating loved ones and extortion”, and convincing “people im pregnat lol.” She’s also a bad speller, racist and possible sociopath. This article went viral, and the media and internet are shocked that in 24 hours she received 150 messages.

Judging by her gigantic age range filter and attractive profile picture, is that really a lot?

With thousands of men online in a 24-hour period, only 150 men messaged.A very small percentage replied and judging by their messages they weren’t looking for a serious relationship, but a casual fling with a “hot crazy chick.” All this article proves is that you attract what you project.To get an idea of what I’m talking about, check out these 10 ridiculous Yahoo Answers questions about relationships and dating. What’s the worst dating advice you’ve ever received? Guest Blogger When it comes to searching for “love” searching online is now the way to go to land a date.It’s faster, easier, less awkward and requires no courage to just send a message to a “hottie”.