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Back in 2006, we did a sting in Petaluma, California.

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At that point, I got out of the conversation to consult with the original decoy contributor he hit up to see how far the conversation between them had gone.

The conversations he had with that decoy profile follow.

The following conversation was held a day prior, by another contributor: (08/22/06 AM): oh let me check crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): i *had* a bunch on myspace and they got deleted, i think crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): ive got better pics tho..

i can change my prof i guess crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): can u add more pics in the prof?

August 24th, 2006 (08/24/06 PM): well should he just put the pics away willowfilipino (08/24/06 PM): the prob is the talk all the time not the pics willowfilipino (08/24/06 PM): hidin the pics dont hide feeling (08/24/06 PM): you live at home with your parents?

willowfilipino (08/24/06 PM): i live with my mom my dad lives in socal cause he own a biz there and my mom and i cant move till her job move there or his job here (08/24/06 PM): where in 707 are you?willowfilipino (08/24/06 PM): cool thatd be nice whats ur number i call if she get off it and away from it willowfilipino (08/24/06 PM): im like 30 from sf (08/24/06 PM): i need that from a gf..someone who cares and can be close willowfilipino (08/24/06 PM): i can do that willowfilipino (08/24/06 PM): thats easy willowfilipino (08/24/06 PM): i can do anythin (All the ballyhooed statements from ol' Celebutorney about "leading him on"... Saying "awesome" and "lol nice" to a predatory individual isn't exactly leading him on, as the outcome of the case showed) (08/24/06 PM): i would.a long tongue willowfilipino (08/24/06 PM): wow that sounds good but i dunno u mite be a big talker lol my ex did big talk but then he was into vid games more htan me :( (08/24/06 PM): can you call do you think?(08/22/06 AM): i dont know .you share them with me? crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): lol crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): i have a better pic. crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): hmmm crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): lets see crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): frickin myspace!let me put it in prof crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): or i can email it. crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): i had a bunch of pics on that (08/22/06 AM): hi mandy..great name :) crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): i like it crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): i think i look like one crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): a mandy i mean crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): lol (08/22/06 AM): was he older? ya, he was 29 crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): oops.. crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): i'm almost 14 (08/22/06 AM): thanks..i usually date younger girls.not as young as you crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): lol crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): i'm older than, well, most girls my age crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): lol (08/22/06 AM): i wanna go fast with you crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): lol crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): i'd like tha crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): t crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): i dont suppose i could drive?Due to the above conversation, I had cut Wolin short when he hit up my profile.However, the person playing the "crazy_frazy2005" profile was not as available to chat, and so on the 24th of August, I took over the chat conversation as the primary decoy.