Inuyasha dating story with different endings

Can Inu Yasha pass through then well because of the shikon shard in his eye?

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I resently read a spoiler that said Jaken raped Rin.

Now of course every body says it is a lie(and it really sounds like one). I herd something like that befor a long time ago when my friend(who I might ad dous not lie)viseted Japan.

So is their the slitest posibility that it is true?

I like Kikyou and I think it's mean that nobody else does just because she's a little , well...cruel to Inu Yasha right now and won't get out of Kagome's life! She loses, then regains her soul during the revival of the "remade" Kikyo.

I like Kikyou but nobody else does and that's like REALLY getting to me!!!!! i saw two different kinds one was a little larger than the other and it said Inuyasha: a fudal Fairy Tale ..what ever the sub title was..others are smaller and just say the volumes on the cover... )more of a theory, but i notice that grandpa is a monk of some sort n uses wards much like miroku, could it be that miroku n sango settle down at the shrine n kagome n her family be the desendants of Mir/San ? But since Kikyo still posseses a piece of her soul, doesn't Kikyo HAVE to die to restore Kagome completely?

If inu's a half demon and sess's a full demon then when inus a 'full demon' doesnt that mean thats the same as when sess is in his 'human form' so what would inus true demon form look like? Does anybody know when it is Jenenji's (can't spell) time to become full human? i've been getting all these answers saying that he turns human on the new moon.)Since I haven't read the manga yet maybe one of you Inuyasha buffs can help me out.(don't be giving answers like the full moon because hen that person really doesn't know much about Inuyasha. The priestess Midoriko (the one who created the Shikon Jewel in her fight with the demons), is she an ancestor of any of the current characters?(I was thinking Kikyo's or Kagome's)Who is the guy standing nexto Naracu?I reconize evry one up at the top of the IY world web page screen... Is he that ansester of kagomes who fell in love with her? I know it doubles as both clothing and light armour, but it gets shredded on a regular basis.Help me please I'v only seen 52 I dont Know who he is. Since its made with fire rat hair (a rare commodity I'm sure), how the heck is he repairing it? - Good example is in episode 48 during Kagome's talk with her mother in front of the sacred tree.This theme recurred threw out the series and usually follows Kagome around when she is in deep thought relating to Inu Yasha.