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She did not mind when I was rubbing her body either. I found it to be a very professional environment that was clean. She really was outgoing and enthusiastic, so I think that made the session really fun.

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When I broached the subject she seemed pretty keen to help me out and I liked her enthusiasm.

She flipped me after about 10 or so minutes and lubed up my dick with some oil.

She encouraged with to get hard by talking dirty and stroking my cock with her hand.

Once hard she used on hand to keep jerking my off and the other to cup my balls.

That was making things really hard to keep from cumming, because the feeling was so good.

A bit more of that action added with some ball massaging and I was a done deal. I was kind of surprised to see how much cum I had in my balls, because there was quite a mess.She used a few towels to get me cleaned up in the session was over. I was going to get a massage from Sara based on the reviews , but they have been closed several days now.The started really well but she couldn't really keep up the pace so it ended up lasting longer than it probably should have. Didnt get the full hour, hit the 45 minute mark tho but whatever got what i came for so the experience was so-so was really friendly and took my fee, then she had Sara take me back to a room.I finally came and the release still felt good just wish it had been fast. Sarah was a cute Chinese woman that was thin with really pretty long black hair.Overall good experience and I would go back to Sara again! She walked in and asked how i wanted the massage, i said soft. On the flip she asked if inwanted "it" massaged i said yes she asked for tip, i said $40 and she got to work. She gave me a great back massage that was very thorough. Then, she had me roll over and she started to jerk me off. I never felt like she was trying to make me cum fast or if she was trying to speed through the session.She was very genuine and she wanted me to feel good. I personally do not have any complaints about this parlor.