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Basiago’s time travel expeditions on behalf of the U. When I walked into downtown Gettysburg, where the shops were, after walking into town along the north-south arterial that led into Gettysburg, a cobbler by the name of John Lawrence Burns accosted me and took me inside a millinery shop and furnished me with a pair of men’s street shoes and a Union winter parka that he took from a stack of military clothing in a storeroom at the back of the shop.In this image, one can see how over-sized the shoes were. Was this a picture (Figure 1) discovered that just happened to have you in it, or was this picture taken by those with you and you brought it back? Basiago: To my knowledge, this was the only photograph that was taken in a past or future time when I was time traveling for DARPA’s Project Pegasus. I have spoken with area residents who knew that individuals were teleporting into Santa Fe in the early 1970’s.

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Retired bricklayer and part-time fisherman Joao Pereira de Souza, 71, found the animal back in 2011 when he washed up on a beach, starving and covered in oil.

Joao, who named the penguin Dindim after discovering him in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, decided to take the creature home and nurse it back to health.

Once Dindim was well again, Joao released him back into the wild - and didn't expect to see the penguin ever again.

Amazing article from the examiner on government funded and operated time travel programs through… Our favorite usual suspects from DARPA, that sweet little innocent defense program set up by the government to protect us.

This latest article claims a secret consipracy where DARPA has mastered the art of time travel.

I wonder if they ever bump into Nick Cage in the past?Great Interview, read below: This article introduces readers to quantum access evidence in the form of a time travel artifact that resulted from Andrew D.Basiago’s childhood participation in DARPA’s secret time travel program in the early 1970’s.The ALTA reports and Web Bottechnology have identified Mr.Basiago, an emerging figure in the disclosure movement, as a “planetary whistleblower” based on the global significance of his revelations. President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863 after he was teleported to that location in the time-space continuum via DARPA time travel technology. Basiago at Gettysburg, PA on November 19, 1863 (Gettysburg Address) Figure 1 is the photograph of Andrew D. Basiago has publicly answered questions about this corroborating photographic evidence of his time travel experiences in the secret U. government program in which time travel was achieved. I am the boy standing in the foreground of the image at center-left, looking to his right.Exploring this time travel artifact will help establish a frame of reference for readers to better evaluate evidence gathered by quantum access technology and time travel participants like Mr. Corroborative documentary evidence of the veracity of Mr. This documentary evidence consists of a photograph of Mr. Basiago as a Project Pegasus time travel participant taken at the site of U. President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863, to which Mr. Q: Is this [Figure 1] the photo of you on November 19, 1863? My shoes were lost in the transit through the quantum plenum that took me from the plasma confinement chamber at the time lab in East Hanover, NJ in 1972 to Gettysburg, PA on the day that Abraham Lincoln gave his famous address there in 1863.