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You may also pay to our Bitcoin address 12U7x RFmabjzk J7MH9QQaonjm Am6FNoiz V attaching your order number in the note or label box.Bitcoin exchangers will take many different forms of payment in exchange for Bitcoins.

Our fake IDs are sold to you as 'novelty IDs’ and we will not be held accountable for breaching these terms or any misuse of our fake IDs on your part.

The completion of your order signifies your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

[Back To Top] We use the exact same PVC plastic cards for our fake ID driving licenses as the real driving licenses.

We use a reverse transfer dye sublimation card printer the exact same technology used by the driving license authorities.

[Back To Top] It is illegal to sell Fake IDs in most countries including the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

China has no restriction on copyrights and counterfeiting that’s why we are based here so you can be sure our fake IDs are genuine.China does not have the same laws on counterfeiting or copyrights, as you may very well know.From Louis Vuitton purses to Rolex watches, newest movies just in US theaters are already on pirated DVD here, not to mention software and video games. [Back To Top] Just click to enlarge our ID images taken from the blank templates we use. Only a small number of people in the world are allowed to have access to these templates so you can know that our IDs are genuine.[Back To Top] To protect your privacy and ours we only accept Bitcoin.Bitcoin uses encryption and a system of peer-to-peer double checking to create a completely digital currency.No personal information is associated with your bitcoins at all, making them ideal for anonymous transactions. Once you have the appropriate number of Bitcoins to complete your order you can then send them to the unique Bitcoin address generated at checkout.