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She is a daughter, grand-daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and most of all she is a child of God.

Family has always been very important to Ashley; which is something both her and Steven share.

Her Mother has always told her that you can measure the true value of a man not by material things, but by what’s inside his heart and how he interacts with his family.

When she was let go at her job that she was at for 8+ years she didn’t know what to expect, but she knew that she wanted to follow her dreams.

She endured a great system of ethics, which has been very valuable and significant towards improving her future, and has shown her a solid foundation on which to build her life.

Because of this establishment, she has held many leadership positions throughout her life, which has taught her to not only have faith, but to also believe in herself.For this reason, there is not an adverse environment that she cannot go into and come out with positive results.We hope you enjoy browsing these pages for photos, stories about us, our journey and future plans.And while you are here, please sign our Royal Scroll! She stayed in the hospital for two months until she was healthy and strong enough to leave. essay contest in 5 years citywide) her younger brother, school, and friends (which took up most of her childhood, from ages 6-17yrs old).On a hot summer Tuesday morning, at am, a baby girl was born. After watching her hang in there, her mom knew that she was a special one. Growing up, she was very involved in all kinds of inner-city church activities through the summer and after-school. Her Mother constantly instilled in her sister Latasha and her to be positive, strong, and to always stand up for what they believed in.Speech contests (in the 3rd grade she was the first girl to win the D. She was very popular in high school, but knew how to separate her social life from her studies. Ashley is a humble, determined, hardworking young woman who literally made a way for herself.