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Maybe the ability to be everywhere at once, or fly to new places and meet many new people in the blink of an eye. About Us The Adventist Contact ministry was started because it was needed.Our parents, although both Adventists from similar backgrounds, had a terrible marriage that ended in divorce because they were incompatible and too many family and friends dated and married out of our faith with resulting problems. There had to be a better way and Adventist Contact was born.

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Have you ever wondered what kind of people you’re going to meet on a dating service?

Or whether you could actually connect with someone here on a deeper level?

While there are plenty of other characteristics you are looking for in a companion, here are three important ideas to consider as you experience Adventist Circle […] Things I Wish I’d Known While Dating (A Woman’s Point of View): While I am now happily married to my husband of almost two years, the process of arriving here was definitely filled with ups, downs, and a few wrong turns along the way.

They say hindsight is 20/20, and nowhere does that seem more […] Have you ever wished you had a superpower?

Since duplicate services are counterproductive, he wanted to be sure that the organized church was not already working on a matching ministry.

The official said that the organized church is not working on a matching ministry, but the organized church would be grateful if Contacts founder would do it for them.Contacts founder is university trained and decades' experienced as an innovator and coordinator.In creating and updating the Adventist Contact materials, Adventist Contact assembled the best help possible (and continues to bring in new consultants, volunteers, and employees to keep our work fresh, current, and relevant).Included were White, Black, Oriental, Latin American, East Indian, etc. In writing the profile, we were assisted by marriage counselors, test specialists, ministers, and a sociologist, nearly all hold Ph. degrees, and are (or have been) university professors and some are well-known authors.We know of no other dating service, Adventist or secular, which has benefited so greatly from such capable professional assistance. In obedience to the words of Christ in Matthew 6: 1 and 3, LNT "Take care! " and " do a kindness to someone, do it secretly..." Contact has never published the names or photos of its staff, consultants, employees or volunteers.Don't do your good deeds publicly, to be admired . Adventist Contact, an on-line dating service exclusively for Adventists, has been in research and development since 1972.